Services I Pay For

Below is a list of many of the consumer services I’m paying for. Anything business-related I’ve left out. In no particular order:

MyFitnessPal ($49.99 yearly)

It’s a health app, but I use it to track my weight and count calories. If you’re an average human (ie without superior genetics) like me, counting calories is the trick to having the body you want. That’s it. Sounds harder than it is. The app is actually free, but it’s so damn useful for me and I’ve been using it since 2015 that I figured I’d just pay for premium.

Blinkist ($89.99 yearly)

My most recently discovered app. They summarize popular non-fiction books and podcasts. This helps me in two ways. First, when I’m doing mindless things like getting ready for the gym or even just waking up from bed, I can listen. And, if I’m not sure about a book, I can listen to a 15-minutes summary first.

LyricsTraining ($36.99 yearly)

One of the most fun ways to learn a language. Search for a song (even a brand new one) and select your difficulty. The music video will appear on screen with the lyrics just below. Depending on your difficulty, some words will be missing from the lyrics which you will have to select based on hearing the music.

Tandem ($34.99 yearly)

For lack of a better comparison, think Tinder for languages. You can search around the world for users depending on your language preferences. Each user has a profile, you can send voice messages, pictures, video chats with the end goal of language learning.

InterNations ($59.40 yearly)

A community of expats in over 400 cities around the world. A bit of an older crowd, I’m typically the youngest at any events I go to. But, I’ve meant and made friends during events in numerous cities. It’s a great option if you’re a solo traveler.

YouTube Music (~$3 monthly)

Self-explanatory. I’m only here because Google Music shut down recently.

Xprofile ($29.99 yearly)

This app gives you a sneak peak into your Instagram account data. Unfortunately, it takes forever to load. So long that I will not be renewing. However, they have some cool features like secretly viewing stories.

Brain.fm ($49.99 yearly)

It’s a science-based music app. There are settings for Focus, Relax, Sleep, and Meditate. Try it for free.

AARR: Alan Aragon’s Research Review ($10 monthly)

Once a month, a PDF is delivered into your inbox about relevant science-based information related to health, nutrition, weight-lifting, etc.

LinkTree ($6 monthly)

You’ve probably seen this on some Instagram profiles. I use this as my “link” in Instagram, too. It allows me to turn that one link into numerous links. It’s actually free, but I choose to pay for the additional benefits and to support a service that I value.

Social Sensei ($299 monthly)

Social Sensei is a company that helps you gain real Instagram followers through legitimate promotions of influencer’s accounts. I consider Social Sensei super useful to reach 10,000 Instagram followers so that you can start posting links in your stories. As a blogger, this was tremendously useful to me. While these are real followers, based on legitimate giveaways, don’t expect much in the way of increased engagement.

Read my review of Social Sensei here.

Ninjalitics ($10 monthly)

This is an online software that allows you to analyze your Instagram account ‘like a ninja’. I signed up for it to measure the success of my Social Sensei program, but it’s so cheap and useful that I decided to continue with the service.

Services I Pay For 1

Consumer Reports ($59 yearly)

Consumer Reports is my go-to resource in helping purchase basically anything. They’re not-for-profit and test a bunch of consumer goods from televisions to neck pillows to beds and more. I’ve been a member since 2006. Highly recommend supporting them.

Nomad List ($199 lifetime)

Nomad List is ‘busy’, but a neat resource. I’ve met some people from the website. They have a million services that are helpful for travelers, including a forum and slack channel. They’ve even started a Tinder-like dating service.

Inner Circle ($28 monthly)

I discovered this recently while in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It’s expensive compared to the other online dating apps, but full of high-quality women and much better than Tinder because there are no trans or prostitutes. That’s not why I’m using a dating app.

Priority Pass ($99 yearly)

How do you never miss a flight and not stress out on the day of your flight? Make showing up to the airport enjoyable. How to do that? Get the Priority Pass, it gives you access to over 1,300 airport lounges worldwide. I think there’s been only one airport that I’ve been to without at least one eligible airport lounge.

Blackjack Strategy Practice ($9.99 yearly)

I love blackjack and I count cards. I go to casinos if they exist in the city I’m living. This app is the best app I’ve found to quickly practice and improve my card counting ability.

Couchsurfing ($17.89 yearly)

I used to use this app to find locals to practice the language with. Now I barely use it, but sometimes they have neat events that I’ll go to like language exchanges.


What is the last service you’d stop paying for if money was tight? Tell me in the comments.

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